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Celebrity Chefs' Instagram Cooking are a Must-Watch During Lockdown

Updated: Jul 16

In times of COVID-19 pandemic, cravings for eating-out have flown out of the window, and I would love to think that the world’s top foodies began to dawn on it as well. Is it why Instagram is filled with celebrity chef’s IGTV videos of them cooking favorite meals at home? Or could it be that since they can’t greet diners for the time being, they chose instead to host cooking shows on Instagram?

Whatever their reasons, it's fun to watch these culinary pros inviting their followers inside their home kitchens.

Its time to tune in to some top chefs’ Instagram cooking and take down their quarantine recipes that are both flavorful and super-easy try-outs at home.

Photo by Gareth Hubbard

Gary Mehigan

A real food-obsessed traveler – that's what his Instagram bio defines him as. His calm demeanor and poise are his major attractions, let alone other credentials. That being said, Masterchef Australia could be his claim-to-fame, but my favorite was Far Flung with Gary Mehigan, aired in Fox life, where he traveled to countries in Asia such as India, Vietnam, Laos, China, and South Korea to learn Asian culinary techniques and use it as inspiration to plate up a new dish every episode.

During these days, Gary Mehigan is showing us what different kinds of coffee to try at home. Other things brewing in his house are his mom’s lamb stew with dumplings, which was a huge hit among followers. Don’t miss his beautifully braised pork belly, a quick pressure cooker braise infused with star anise, cinnamon, plenty of ginger, garlic, and soy. Those in a baking spree, follow his simple and quick recipe of focaccia. For more such lovely recipes, go to his Instagram channel and see what all you have missed!

Jamie Oliver

Who doesn’t know Jamie’s recipe for roast chicken, especially those living in UK and Europe? This British chef and restaurateur’s USP was take-it-simple, and that’s why his recipes were doable at everyday households. His fresh salads with a touch of summer, one-pot-roasts, 5-ingredient recipes, and even plates inspired from his travels were never complicated. He is the only chef I know who introduced quick-and-easy cooking to all of us foodies.

In his latest video on Instagram, he introduced a pan-seared chicken with a surprising twist. It’s a peanut butter marinate with lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and chilis. Again a reminder that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and that the journey to good food is super simple. Catch up for Jamie Oliver’s Instagram cooking on how to pull off mouth-watering dishes using those five-ingredients lying inside your fridge!

Gnarly peanut chicken: https://www.instagram.com/jamieoliver/

George Colombaris

His electrifying personality made him the darling of Australia's food scene and one of the biggest names in television. Masterchef Australia wouldn't have been this much fun without him. Being an Australian chef and restaurateur, he draws inspiration from his Greek, Cypriot and Italian heritage and wanted to bring his spin to Greek cuisine and offer something beyond the dips, halloumi, and moussakas.


Colombaris has made a huge name for himself in the experimental dining experience by using molecular gastronomy. Right now he is more active on Instagram than ever, and his video on how to kick start a dinner party at home with loved ones by cooking the old-gold shepherd’s pie got him some more followers.

Trust me on this, join his weekend parties while he’s cooking with industry friends at Instagram Live!

Gordon Ramsay

No one takes food as seriously as Chef Gordon Ramsey. A British chef, restaurateur, writer, television personality, and philanthropist – all in one force who surpassed most celebrated chefs in wealth and popularity. On the shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, he may have been a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, and fans may have thought initially that he could never smile. Today, these fans might learn a totally different side of this TV chef.

Bangers & Mash: https://www.instagram.com/gordongram/

In a recent post, Gordon Ramsey shows us how to pull off a simple banger & mash, a dish of sausage and potato mash, at his own kitchen. A high-energy 10-minute cook-off just like his television shows, only that the shooting crew this time were his five children, including the toddler Oscar, whom he calls his sous-chef. It was an absolute pleasure to watch Gordon Ramsey in his beautiful home kitchen, joshing and slinging off with his family while showing the right technique of potato mash and pan-fried sausages.

Taking an intimate glimpse at his cooking corner and this not-so-Ramsay doings would bring smiles to anyone in self-isolation.

Nigella Lawson

What can I say about Nigella Lawson that hasn’t been said already? In no time she became the star of the small screen by charmingly doling out recipes that are easy to put together and upping her game by showing how luscious food can be. Her first book, How to Eat, can make anyone happy just by looking at the photos. It all started with her show, Nigella Kitchen, in which within minutes viewers were immersed into delicious feasts as Nigella cooked for herself, friends and family.

Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Cake: https://www.instagram.com/nigellalawson/

The dazzle on her plates and face continue, even today. Nigella’s menu always had unusual flavor pairings, and her quarantine recipes follow that too. Her recent posts out on Instagram, the Eggplant Fatteh, a delicious pile-up of pita, spiced minced meat and aubergines, garlicky yogurt and tahini, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds, are an absolute treat. I am eyeballing on her chocolate raspberry pudding cake since a pudding-like texture in cake is an absolute try-for at home. Don't forget to tap the link on her bio to get her crunchy chicken cutlets recipe, where she used the all handy cornflakes to bring the crunch!

Her mouth-watering dishes on Instagram are making fans like me beam with happiness, even under prolonged house confinement.

Atul Kochhar

Combining Indian flavors with British produce, Atul Kochhar was the first-ever Indian chef to receive a Michelin star in 2001. He continues to redefine Indian food in the UK and Tamarind, known as one of the best Indian restaurants in the world, was lauded as a Michelin star, kickstarting his journey of getting Michelin stars on a row. Benares in Madrid, NRI (Not Really Indian) in Mumbai, Sindhu in Marlow, Hawkyns, a British restaurant in Buckinghamshire, and Kanishkha in London Mayfair. I don’t know any other chef who had taken Indian cuisine that up-notch.


During these days, Chef Kochhar nails some unique Indian vegetarian recipes for us, his jackfruit pepper fry, okra masala, and coconut mushroom curry are unique nutrition plates spiked in Indian spices. While brushing your culinary skills on Indian curries and masala, also try his veg biryani bake, a phyllo pastry filled with veg Biryani and an excellent play of Indian flavors and British bake. If you haven’t seen his Instagram cooking, go for it!

Matt Preston

This English-Australian award-winning food journalist, restaurant critic, and the most stylish Masterchef Australia judge has won many hearts. His eye-closing, the slight lift of the shoulders, the wafting of his fingers, a little sigh here and there, the thoughtful muse, and the buttery tones of his baritone voice while tasting a plate shows his whooping delight in food. I know he gets many side-eyes for that, but those same people make up his list of Instagram followers too.

Peanut Butter Cookies : https://www.instagram.com/mattscravat/

During the pandemic, he's into virtual cook-offs by calling other friends to his online get-togethers on Instagram. If you haven't seen them already, log onto lockdownkitchen. My current favorites are Matt Preston’s vegetarian fares - harissa roasted cauliflower, celery bake, chickpea, beetroot salad, and one pan sticky pumpkin steaks. His three-ingredient peanut butter cookies are super simple, quick, and irresistible, and for vegans out there, look how he whips up a parmesan using roasted cashew for your vegan table!

Donal Skehan

The Irish born Donal Skehan caught my attention in Grandma’s Boy, a food and travel series in FOX International. I was all hooked to Donal’s travels across the Italian countryside and his talkative cook-offs with Italian Grannies, who proudly offered up the best Italian food and drinks. He celebrated grandma’s food, the one capable of touching hearts across the world like no other cooking style.

Spaghetti & Meatballs: https://www.instagram.com/donalskehan/

He's taken up Instagram to share his spicy prawn aglio e olio, a go-ahead for a busy mid-week cook. The hole in the bread egg and blueberry and oat crumble are an unmissable breakfast treat. In less than 30 minutes, Donal’s spaghetti & fennel infused meatballs are weekend winners to every table. Only this time, he multitasks, babysitting his toddler and cooking with him around! If you really want to cook with staples that are sitting on your pantry, go through his mouth-watering quarantine recipes at IG that are easy to follow and super delicious once you try them.

Massimo Bottura

To all lovers of Italy and their food, if you’re game for some soul gladdening Italian food, follow Massimo Bottura on IG. He is the culinary artist behind Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant based in Modena, Italy, listed in the top five at The World's 50 Best Restaurants Awards since 2010. His food is nothing less than an edible portrait – be his fillet of sole garlanded by the edible silver paper made out of seawater or his Lasagna looking like a chips-and-dip.

Tiramisu: https://www.instagram.com/massimobottura/

During these days he is fuelling this feeding frenzy by cooking authentic and simplistic Italian recipes people could try at their own kitchens. If Tiramisu is your soul food, please go through his recipe. The Massimo technique of coming up with a perfect bechamel is super easy. His cooking out of dinner-leftovers is an absolute delight. He teaches how to use orange peels by putting together a finger-licking orange marmalade. Tune in to his kitchen quarantine stories at IG to see what he is feeding his fans with!

There was never a better time to cook. These culinary A-listers are no longer keeping their recipes close to their chests. So upgrade your cooking skills from live cooking sessions of Michelin starred chefs as they 're sharing their traits on social media. A strange time indeed, so grab the best one can of it!


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