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Here we make your culinary dreams come true. The Chubby Nomad works with the best food tourism around the world and can help you create amazing and unique travel itineraries to feed your hungry soul. 

We are specialized in wine and food tourism and can work with you in creating tailor-made travel itineraries that are customized to your preference and follow the latest culinary tourism trends. We also offer numerous vacation package deals and all-inclusive options from our top suppliers that are guaranteed to match your desire. By doing so, we assure that you can make the most out of your experience of being a chubby nomad for a little while. 

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Group Tours

At The Chubby Nomad we can provide a vast array of group tour activities and itineraries and can accommodate any group size at any time of the year.  We take care of everything, from booking your flights to making sure you have the best tours, cooking classes, and culinary sampling there are.

Wanna do a wine tasting with your best friends at Napa Vally? How about a two-week journey in France and Spain trying regional foods? Contact us for a tailor-made trip or an all-inclusive package deal from our suppliers.

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